hi, i’m la-ninpre

i am also known as aaoth or lev brekalov.

i was thinking a lot about the reason i have so many names, but i could’n find a clear answer. maybe i’ll try to make myself up somehow, but now it’s messy.

anyway, since long time i tried to follow do-it-yourself principle, and this website is an example of this. web-development (if you can call it like that) is a new thing for me and primary reason of me doing this is probably some kind of web-presence. other important thing for me is the ability to create anything i want and make things look how i want them to look. for comparison, none of the popular social platforms can give me this ability.

i’m creating some music and other stuff related to art, such as fonts, random other pictures and occasional poems. style of my creations changed a lot over time but it’s always something unusual, non-professional and not meant to be very popular.

i’m also very interested in sciences (especially biology, chemistry and linguistics). i speak russian, speak a little bit english and also toki pona :D

last year i’ve been diving into world of unix-related software and operating systems, namely gnu/linux and openbsd. for all past years i’ve been a windows user, but then i realized that many things are more comfortable in unix userland. additionally, it’s important for me to understand what exactly i’m doing, and the last thing is nearly impossible in closed oses like windows or mac.

pona tawa sina!

latest post

dualboot linux and openbsd with grub

i’ve been trying to dualboot openbsd with linux using grub on both bios and uefi machines and here’s a solution that i’ve come up with.


03 Nov 2021 / openbsd linux grub tutorial